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MindHax.zedekus.com is dedicated to learning and sharing information about how your
mind works, and how you can use that to your advantage.

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Welcome to Mind Hax by Zedekus. MindHax.Zedekus.Com features information and products regarding you. How you tick, and how others tick. It is often said that it is important to "Know Thy Self". Well here we are keenly interested in self knowledge as well as of the knowledge of others in regards to how that brain thingy works. We have some great info here regarding things such as Hypnosis, and other similar topics. If you think this is important too, Sign Up to the Newsletter and begin learning to hack your mind and the minds of others.

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Recently we have been most interested in Conversational Hypnosis, Sign Up for the letter, you want to know more right? Conversational Hypnosis is based upon indirect induction methods and techniques, popularized by Milton Erickson. Learn More!

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